why choose CBD pro?

By Dr. Barry Morrison

I’m going to be discussing some valuable info as to why one would want to choose CBD PRO as their choice of CBD. Not only for themselves but also their families.


As a Dr. for over 30 yrs., I’ve treated patients with many different types of health challenges. And spent countless hours searching for that unique approach to assist these challenges and feel I have found it in CBD.


My Experience with Patients

I began recommending CBD to my patients since 2013 and discovered my patients were purchasing from the internet. Unfortunately ordering the cheapest CBD they could find. They are taking a shot in the dark not knowing what to look for. In many cases, they were purchasing CBD that had very little if any CBD in it. Needless to say, their results were so far below expectations that I knew I needed to do something to ensure my patients had the best. Once I removed this simple step of taking all the guesswork out of the equation for my patients the results started to happen…even to my amazement. What did I do? Well, I set out first to determine where is the best Hemp grown in the world? 


That lead me to the state with a long history of growing Hemp and the political infrastructure that would support it. I needed to locate the best agricultural experts to grow, extract, process, and formulate it to my specifications. And this is how and why I started CBD PRO. Simply to take all the guesswork out of the equation allowing them to experience their anticipated results. 


I then decided to open up this process to others in need outside of my patient base. There are a couple of factors that set CBD PRO apart as the #1 choice for CBD. I’m sure you’ll agree that our competitive pricing is a major factor but it’s even more important for you to consider several other qualities in CBD PRO when deciding which product, you would trust for your family.

Questions to Ask:

1. Where & How is the Hemp grown?

Believe it or not, CBD is not some newly discovered compound…it’s been used for centuries all over the world. And our growers of CBD PRO’s Industrial Hemp are located in the heart of Hemp country. Working passionately in the agricultural industry for many generations. They take pride in producing the most nutritious, synergistic cannabinoid-rich oils. Growing them without pesticides or other toxic chemicals in the state of Kentucky. This is where hemp has been and is a native crop. The finest plants from each crop are then chosen for CBD PRO. Unlike some of our competitors we here at CBD PRO do NOT use plants or seeds from China.


2. How is the CBD Hemp oil extracted?

Some extracting techniques use high heat and/or toxic solvents which are dangerous, unsustainable, and prevent from extracting the full complement of nutrients from the plant. This causes the solvents to be left behind in the finished product leaving it unclean and impure.

This technique is much less expensive hence, leads to a much cheaper price on the shelf. Instead, CBD PRO uses a technique known as CO2 Super Critical Fluid Extraction with state-of-the-art equipment. This process simply compresses harmless Carbon Dioxide (CO2) causing it to be processed under cool conditions avoiding any harm to the heat-sensitive nutrients such as the acids, enzymes or vitamins.

Therefore, it’s considered a non-toxic solvent and when added to the nutrient rich hemp it liberates the entire phytonutrient treasures of CBD and other cannabinoids in a totally pure extract after the CO2 is released and recycled. In this pure form the body can more easily digest and assimilate for distribution thru out the body. In addition to this process CBD PRO takes extraction one step further by removing unnecessary materials such a chlorophyll and the waxes leaving an almost clear product.


3. Is the Full Spectrum of The Cannabinoids used?

Unfortunately, the cheapest and easiest method of extraction of Hemp oils is with alcohol. This requires the hemp/alcohol mixture to be boiled for an extended period of time causing damage to the heat sensitive nutrients which may cause many valuable oils to be evaporated out. 


So, CBD Pro’s CO2 extraction process is better at both extracting the full spectrum of nutrients 

as well as preforming it at low temperatures to prevent denaturing the hemp oils. CBDPRO does not contain any synthetic cannabinoids and is not an isolate. With CBD PRO’s premium oils, you benefit from the safety and synergistic interaction of phytonutrients in their complete, balanced form that many scientists believe offers the most benefit. 



My Opinion and Why Choose CBD PRO

CBDPRO’s naturally grown Kentucky Hemp that spares no expense in using CO2 Super Critical Fluid Extraction is what is needed to obtain the Full Spectrum of the Cannabinoids magnifying the therapeutic benefits of CBD originating from industrial hemp. I’m proud to say CBD PRO is the choice of healthcare providers across the country.


So, if you want the same CBD product that I set out to provide exclusively for my patients and also take myself, then CBD PRO may very well be your choice also! CBDPROONLINE.COM