FDA considers hemp and hemp-derived extracts to be food-based products. Our importer imports its raw industrial hemp oil under approved tariff codes to its FDA-registered and GMP certified facility in the United States. Industrial hemp products that have been imported through the proper means are exempt from the marijuana and THC laws in Schedule I of the DEA. As such, there are no legal restrictions on their importation, production, and consumption in the United States and in most of the industrialized world. Hemp oil is legal in all 50 states and in over 40 countries around the world. There are millions of hemp oil consumers worldwide. There are increasing number of reports and studies showing many benefits of hemp oil. CBD PRO hemp extract is not a scheduled 1 drug as it originates from hemp which has <.3% THC. This makes it easier for consumers to get CBD treatment from hemp without breaking the law.

Throughout history Marijuana has been bred to have very high levels of THC mostly concentrated in the trichomes and flowers of the plant and traditionally containing low levels of cannabidiol (CBD). Marijuana can be Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa while Industrial Hemp is always Cannabis sativa. Marijuana traditionally will be full of flowering dense buds, bushy, and overall smaller in size. Industrial Hemp on the opposite side of the spectrum has minimal flowering buds, extremely fibrous long stalks, and contains very high levels of CBD while only having trace amounts of THC. Whether cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from Hemp or Marijuana, CBD is CBD. We can think of this in terms of protein; proteins can be derived from a variety of sources yet still remains a protein. Due to the natural cannabinoid profile of Hemp and Marijuana, Hemp is phenomenal in that it enables one to receive the benefits of Cannabis without the “high” effect traditional to Marijuana. When Marijuana is cultivated the male plants are culled and female plants are then grown, since the majority of the THC is derived from the female part of the plant (flowering buds). An exceptionally high percentage of cannabidiol (CBD) can be produced consistently and naturally from the Industrial Hemp plant and hence it does not make legal or practical sense to obtain CBD from Marijuana.

No. CBDPRO contains less than 0.3% of the psychotropic compound of THC, therefore it will not cause that high feeling and needs to be noted that CBD has the property of being anti-psychotropic. CBD is well suited to enhance overall health since its use does not hamper everyday activities like work, school, sports or even driving a motor vehicle. Some are aware that CBD can be obtained also from marijuana, but it is particularly abundant in hemp. There is a very small trace amount of THC in hemp but the percent is very low which is why CBD is legal.

I prefer the sublingual, or under the tongue, application over the vape form. When applied as a sublingual it is absorbed thru the glands under the tongue as it is left there for 3-5 minutes. The longer a person leaves it under the tongue the higher the amount of absorption takes place up to 5 min. This way the majority of the CBD avoids exposure to the gastric system and liver. This creates a direct nutritional benefits, particularly important for sufferers of gastro-intestinal difficulties such as ulcers, hyperactive gut, coeliac disease, and those with compromised digestive disorders. After the 3-5 min. timeframe the rest is then swallowed and processed in the digestive tract. Smoking cannabis is actually one of the least effective ways of absorbing the cannabinoids into the bloodstream. As I said earlier I personally prefer the sublingual application over smoking or as an edible.

A large part of alternative medicine is based on using the entire plant for medicinal purposes rather than isolating or producing the active ingredient in a laboratory. It’s called whole plant medicine, which taps into the strength of the other cannabinoids creating a synergistic or entourage effect. In a world inundated with Western medicine’s pills, and quick fixes, this approach may seem old-fashioned, but mounting evidence suggests that medical substances may be more effective in plant form than those created synthetically in a lab.

No, CBD PRO’s Hemp extract does not require a prescription or a medical card as it is not a scheduled 1 drug. Keep in mind that the only part of cannabis that is a scheduled 1 drug originates from marijuana and CBD PRO does not contain marijuana.

In the 300mg CBD PRO Oil Tincture – there is a 300mg total amount of CBD in a 1 oz. bottle and likewise in the 1800 mg CBD PRO Oil Tincture – there are 1800 mg of CBD in a 2 oz. bottle. We independently test our product for this, and are proud of the purity of what we offer for our customers. In order to extract the CBD oil, we use a Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction process – that means no solvents are ever used in producing our CBD PRO hemp oil products.

Per FDA guidelines, we cannot diagnose or prescribe, but our tincture label gives a suggested dosage of 1/2 dropper twice per day. CBD PRO suggests starting out at 1/2 to 1 full dropper per day. Some of our customers take more. We commonly hear of people taking 2 full droppers daily. It is up to the consumer. Our product has no known side effects and can be taken several times daily or just once. The customer knows how they feel and we always suggest starting small and adjusting to the customer’s level of comfort based on the results, which vary by person. We encourage our customers to try it out, and experiment to see what works best for them.

When taking enough CBD, it generally only takes about 20-30 minutes for it become effective. Most people when first starting out, do not know what to expect and often overlook CBD’s effect as it slowly takes time to build up in the body which is known as a loading dose. Since there is no “high” to report, most people aren’t aware that the CBD is doing anything. Only after a while do they realize that any pain they may have had is no longer there or not as intense. The “feeling of CBD” is so subtle that usually all that is able to be identified is a mild calming. After several uses, many people have reported that they now notice it “taking the edge off” minutes after administering. But, for most newcomers, they expect a huge change and it’s just not like that. But do keep in mind as with anything else we ingest it affects each person differently according to their body chemistry.

As with anything we add to our system it varies in response time and depends upon our body’s ability to absorb and utilize its overall health benefit. CBD is no different than starting an exercise program or taking vitamin supplements. Most people when first starting out, do not know what to expect and often overlook CBD’s effect as it slowly takes time to build up in the body which is known as a loading dose. I generally tell patients that this needs to be a 90 day commitment if they want to give it the best opportunity to create the desired effect. So, to answer the question “How long does it take to begin working?” I personally tell patients to give it 2-3 weeks to see some progress. Now if it takes less time, then that’s great also!

Again, we cannot administer medical advice. But, we can report that many toddlers are taking CBD Hemp Oil daily for many of the same medical conditions that teens and adults are using it for. As well, we are aware of numerous pets who take CBD daily without any ill effects. Keep in mind, CBD acts as a homeostatic agent when in the body which means that it assists in regulating body functions creating a balanced function for overall health.




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